January 13, 2010

Alabama: Five Questions for Drew

Drew, all of a sudden A.J. looked like he hadn't missed a beat since the end of last season. Did we see the real AJ against Florida, and if so, how good can this team be?
I hope that was the real AJ because he was terrific on Saturday. If he plays at the level he did in the second half (16 points), Vandy could be a top tier SEC team this year and a potential Sweet 16 type team.

Vandy has so many weapons at every spot and with the allocation of their roles being accepted and a true rotation off the bench, A.J. the last piece to the puzzle because he gives Vandy the ability to get easier points -- through scoring close to basket, free throws, or allowing other guys easier shots because defenses must collapse on him.

That's the good news, now let's address the bad: What's the deal with Tinsley?
In one word: Confidence. You hate to see guys struggle but, it is written all over Brad's face and conveyed in his body language.

He is an outstanding young man and has worked so hard and is a very good player but, right now he is playing in my opinion with a little bit of doubt. Confidence is established by doing something over and over again successfully so, if you are missing shots and making some bad decisions, it becomes a cycle that is hard to break.

I am hopeful he will work through this and we will see him playing at the levels we saw him play at last year. If he begins to play with confidence and is able to start knocking down shots, watch out because Vandy will be dangerous offensively at every position.

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