March 11, 2010

Fuller proving the doubters wrong

As Kyle Fuller and Rancho Verde prepares for their rematch against Mater Dei, Vandysports caught up with Fuller to get his thoughts on his recent trip to Vanderbilt, his season overall, and what VU fans can expect from him on the hardwood next year.

RM: You guys have a rematch against Mater Dei tomorrow. Two weeks ago they handed you a big loss. Do you think you guys can make the adjustments needed to beat them this time around?

KF: Yeah, I do. I think as a team we weren't mentally ready last time. We thought we could just outrun them and take ill-advised shots and still win. Now we know we cant do that and we have to do the little things like box out 100% of the time, be careful on our shot selection and play tough "D". And that's what I love to do so I'm looking forward to it.

RM: Switching gears-how was your trip to Vanderbilt overall?

KF: My trip to Vandy was great! I had a really good time even though I wish Vandy would have won. I love the team-they're like my older brothers. They treat me just like family so I know I'm going to fit in just fine.

RM: What was your favorite part of the trip?

KF: My favorite thing I did was go to the game because I haven't been there for a game before, so it was pretty cool. I didn't have an official host, they were pretty much all my host (laughs). I got to spend some time with King Rice and Dan Muller

RM: I know you are too young to remember King Rice, but he could really ball back in the day-I believe he still holds the assists record at UNC. Are you excited to be mentored by a successful point guard like Coach Rice?

KF: Yes, he told me about his playing days, and I plan on listening to anything he has to tell me because I plan on being the next best point guard.

RM: What do you feel like you accomplished this year at Rancho Verde both individually and as a team?

KF: I think we accomplished what many people didn't think we could. Nobody thought we could make it to the semi-finals, but we did. Nobody thought our record could be 26-3 at one point, but it was. We never won a state playoff game but now we have accomplished that. I've become more of a floor general and floor leader because of this team. Many people thought we were going to fall off because Mike left (Florida State All-ACC Rookie Michael Snaer), and I was happy to prove them wrong. Even though Mike made it easier, we just had to get on the grind and prove people wrong.

RM: Tell me what aspect of your game do you feel like you have improved on the most this year.

KF: I can honestly say I feel like I've improved in every aspect of my game. There's not one thing I can say other than maybe leadership. Because now, I'm quicker with the ball and can get up the court in 5 seconds, like on the Youtube video where I sent it into overtime. I push the fast break like there's no tomorrow because I'm fast and I like to get out and use my speed. I can see things usually before they happen so I get my teammates clean shots. And my confidence is out the roof so I believe I can lock anybody down full court. Lastly, I feel like I have used my athleticism more this year so now I can dunk off 1 foot or 2 off the dribble in games.

RM: What are your plans for this spring/summer and when do you plan to enroll at VU?

KF: My plans for this spring and summer is to work out to the fullest-I'm talking about getting my core as strong as possible before I get there and lifting and working on getting faster. I plan to enroll in June for summer school, because I want to be ready from the beginning.

RM: Based on the Youtube videos, and the stats you have been putting up even though you have been the focal point of opposing defenses, there is a contingency that feels you are underranked nationally. Do you use that as motivation?

KF: That's what I've heard and that a lot of people are saying-that I am underranked. But it doesn't make a difference now-I'm coming to VU to make a statement, and I'm going to do whatever it takes for my team to win.

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