March 15, 2011

Nick Patti plans trip to Ruston during Summer

Nick Patti may have a nickname coming soon, "Golden Gun". Patti has won the Elite 11 quarterback camp Golden Gun accuracy award two years in a row in two different locations. Last year, in Las Vegas (link to article) and this year, on the campus of the University of Central Florida.

Rivals Chris Nee wrote this about Patti following the Elite 11 camp in Orlando here:

"Patti is about as sound of a quarterback prospect as you will find from a technical standpoint and when it comes to the mental understanding of the position. His flaw is simply his height. Patti still checks in under 6-feet and that likely will be held against him in his recruitment. Patti has a great pocket presence but is also a very effective thrower on the move. His mechanics are outstanding. His well-developed upper body also lends itself to his ability to make strong throws with good velocity while not neglecting his accuracy."

Patti is very experienced in The Tony Franklin System as his high school runs the system.

"I know a lot a lot a lot about [Louisiana Tech's] offense. You know we run his offense. My coaches went to [Tony Franklin's] clinic and installed it at our school. I talk to [Franklin] pretty often and learn something new from him every time we talk," said Patti.

Right now, Patti says his favorites are UCF, USF, Hawaii, and Louisiana Tech. Tech is still his only offer and Patti said he does not think he would commit right away to anyone. He also said, "my big thing going for a college is, a system I can play in and plug into as soon as possible."

Patti is scheduling his summer and says he will definitely be making a trip to Ruston.

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